Sunday, February 01, 2009

How to power mrs rhinesmith's piano

Ok, so I used to try to run Mrs Rhinesmith's piano through the auditorium's main system. I've decided just now that doing that will only ever result in a crappy sound. So, instead, I'm going to run that piano through my vlp300, then run first the jbl cabs and then the realistic cabs out, those cabs will be facing the audience and the jbls will play monitor on the floor. Or perhaps just using the jbl's on the stage as monitors would be enough.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 I's

  1. I'm a detail freak.
  2. I can't look at something without wondering how it works.
  3. I spend a lot of time on Wikipedia reading about a variety of things.
  4. I have a fetish where I admire things that use or generate a lot of power. The hum of things that can push/pull a lot of power is so soothing to me. Cars, the rack in the light booth, the dimmer panel, and especially, trains.
  5. I love analog things for audio reproduction. Vinyl's, cassettes, vacuum tubes, and the like.
  6. I find it amazing the way the Internet works, and the way we all have cellphones which tie back to the Internet.
  7. I find it amusing how the everyday Joe uses the Internet for otherwise pointless things.
  8. I love music, and I have a goal to have everything one day. Like, to be able to whip up to my computer and be like "name?" and be able to play it seconds later.
  9. I'm not the greatest keyboard player, but I just find it fun to mess around with music, especially with other people.
  10. This may tie back with 4, but I felt so damn sweet when I had all of Wikipedia sitting on my desk next to my iBook. Thinking about the enormous amount of knowledge available on the Internet and such gives me this sweet feeling. Thinking about all the knowledge lost at Alexandria's Library makes me want to cry.
  11. I always have some sort of song or rhythm stuck in my head. If I don't, I feel weird. It won't always be an already existing song, sometimes I'll have a rhythm in my head and I'll think of a lead to it.
  12. I'm always up for being sweet with people. I've received phone calls at like 1:30 am to hang out on school nights and I've done it, after being woken up by said phone call.
  13. I think sometimes that I look at life too in-depth. I spend a fair amount of time trying to prove how life works, and just now I've decided that maybe I should stop.
  14. I love math and problem solving. AP Computer Science was probably the sweetest class I ever took. We spent so much time just screwing around in there, but then we did more problem solving then any other class.
  15. I always look forward to doing the audio/video stuff for the school. People call me the school's bitch, but I enjoy doing it. Even if it is spelling bees...
  16. I usually look forward to playing my tuba. I got a nice 4 valved piece with really wide valves, it has a really nice tone.
  17. I call a lot of things "pieces." Like my tuba, misc. things, and sometimes people..
  18. I think I have ADD.
  19. I'm always looking to crack things in my body, and I bite my nails a lot, especially in school.
  20. I'll start talking, then I'll start talking too fast because I'm thinking too fast, and I'll get lost in mid sentence and have to start over. I'd be able to talk perfect if I could write everything down on a note card first then say it; but the only problem with that is I'd be on the note card for 5 minutes perfecting the sentence and be indecisive about what exactly to say.
  21. I have decision making issues.
  22. I love skiing, I spend a lot of time up at blue mountain. I usually try to go up with a bunch of people, but there are chill times that I go up by myself.
  23. I've found that your friends are really friggen important. Don't make any decisions without considering what it'll do to them first. Also, I like to know a wide variety of people. Knowing a wide variety of people adds a lot of variety in my day as I see all these different people. I also like having a small handful of people of which I know I can talk to them about pretty much anything. You know who you are.
  24. I'm a very accepting person, I'm willing to listen to everybody's ideas and what everybody has to say about anything, and I'm willing to accept everybody no matter what they're like.
  25. I like to observe things, people, landscapes, and everything, looking for detail. Ties back to #1.

Life as of now

We didn't have school today. It's been your typical winter since I last posted, nothing really 'exciting' has happened. Except a kid in Middle School got ran over by a bus on Monday and died. You were walking up the hill when it happened, remember? With Phill.

You probably do remember, but even as you're sitting here typing about that and this sentence right now, it feels like a dream. And if you go back to read this later, it's going to feel like a dream then. Everything feels like a dream, right? Maybe not so much like a dream, but everything is cloudy the way dreams are. Everything is cloudy, not just your memory. You can't see different aspects of your life anymore because it's all so cloudy. You've become unsure about certain things because everything has become so damn cloudy that you can't see and comprehend what's really going on. So, the question lies, are you doing it right? What is 'it'? Everything. And what if you're doing it wrong? How could you possibly know? You can't see, so you can't know. You've wanted to get this off of your chest for a long long time, since this has been bothering you for a while. How do you fix this? You really don't know, and you can't care to want to figure out. Like, you want to figure out, but you just can't care enough to inside. Maybe you should care.

And you wonder, does anybody else feel the same? Or do you just have a problem..


00:08 <+saltmiser> dude guys
00:08 <+saltmiser> I just got the sweetest idea
00:08 <+saltmiser> and I actually did it and it works
00:08 <+saltmiser> get a garden hose right
00:08 <+saltmiser> and hook it up to your bathroom faucet
00:09 <+saltmiser> and run the garden hose (assuming it's 100% leak free) through your house to your bedroom and onto your matress
00:09 <+saltmiser> my water is heated by a coal stove; and we usually over heat it (our water temp is like 180F right now..yeah..)
00:09 <+saltmiser> very easily because we have a very very large coal stove
00:09 <> for a water bed
00:09 <+saltmiser> no
00:09 <+saltmiser> for a regular bed
00:10 <+saltmiser> and just run the hose back to the bathtub
00:10 <+saltmiser> and run a nice mixture of hot and cold water
00:10 <> it would get all wet
00:10 <+saltmiser> no the garden hose is returning the water back to the bathtub though
00:10 <+saltmiser> so it goes down the drain and crap
00:10 <+saltmiser> see granted the garden hose can't leak at all
00:10 <@Oicu812> haha u do this?
00:10 <+saltmiser> well
00:10 <+saltmiser> I coiled it on my bathroom floor and sat on it and stuff
00:11 <@Oicu812> lol
00:11 <+saltmiser> and it made a *very* nice heated spot on the floor, I covered it with towels and stuff
00:11 <> oh i get it
00:11 <+saltmiser> and my room is right by a bathroom
00:11 <+saltmiser> so, I just may do this
00:11 <> dont u use alot of water
00:11 <> that way
00:11 <+saltmiser> well I'd run it through very very slowely
00:11 <> ahh
00:11 <+saltmiser> that and I have a well anyway
00:11 <+saltmiser> with a *huge* above ground water storage tank
00:11 <+saltmiser> actually we have two of them
00:12 <+saltmiser> so
00:12 <+saltmiser> the water goes through my coal stove and gets heated beyond boiling point...
00:12 <+saltmiser> and then actually skips my water heater and goes straight up through the pipes to the garden hose
00:12 <+saltmiser> we have a water pump that pumps the water through
00:12 <+saltmiser> we turn that off before people take showers and stuff
00:12 <+saltmiser> :P
00:13 <+saltmiser> in my bathtub I actually have a faucet that you can connect a garden hose to
00:13 <+saltmiser> so
00:13 <+saltmiser> I'm having a snow day tomorrow
00:13 <> just get a heated waterbed
00:14 <+saltmiser> no I'm making a waterheated matress out of shit I got around the house already :P
00:14 <+saltmiser> that and like
00:14 <+saltmiser> the water is consinstently way too hot
00:14 <+saltmiser> so this would cool the water down while heating up my bed
00:14 <+saltmiser> :)
00:14 <> i had one
00:15 <> it was ok just gave me lower back probs
00:15 <+saltmiser> oh word
00:15 <+saltmiser> well I'd get about two blankets
00:15 <+saltmiser> and bury this hose in there
00:15 <+saltmiser> then make sure I wake up before my parents get home because this would *not* fly with them :P
00:16 <> sounds like a waste
00:16 <+saltmiser> nah
00:16 <> get a heated blanket
00:16 <+saltmiser> that hose gets pretty hot pretty fast
00:16 <+saltmiser> look; in my house I have so much hot water
00:16 <> electric blanket
00:16 <+saltmiser> like
00:16 <+saltmiser> *so* much
00:16 <+saltmiser> hot water
00:16 <+saltmiser> that's constently being made beecause I have like a 125,000btu coal stove
00:16 <+saltmiser> up around here coal is dirt cheap
00:17 <> ware
00:17 <+saltmiser> near uh
00:17 -!- Jalut [] has quit [Ping timeout: 496 seconds]
00:17 <+saltmiser> walnutport pennsylvania
00:17 <> oh
00:17 <+saltmiser> the sub-boonies
00:17 <> cool
00:17 <+saltmiser> coal is cheaper then electric
00:17 <+saltmiser> so half of our house is like ran off of it
00:17 <+saltmiser> water heater and house heat
00:18 <> do you have to shovel it
00:18 <+saltmiser> and sometimes stove..
00:18 <+saltmiser> hell yeah
00:18 <+saltmiser> I shovel like 2 tons every like 3 or 4 months
00:18 <> sounds lame
00:18 <+saltmiser> well it's the only exercise I get
00:18 <> might be worth it to live out in the booneies
00:18 <+saltmiser> and it's dirt cheap compared to electricity
00:18 <+saltmiser> no it's worth it everywhere
00:18 <+saltmiser> just you can't pull that off ina city anymore
00:19 <+saltmiser> they got so many anti-pollution laws
00:19 <+saltmiser> I mean if every building ran off of coal like my house does
00:19 <+saltmiser> nyc, take for example, would be fucking impossible to breathe in
00:19 <+saltmiser> actually
00:19 <+saltmiser> just go look up back when it was ran off of coal
00:19 <+saltmiser> I'm sure the air wasn't the greatest to breathe
00:20 <+saltmiser> or any semi-dense suburbia
00:20 <+saltmiser> actually most of the houses around here are heated by either coal, or more common, wood
00:20 <+saltmiser> since we have a shitload of trees around; everybody's got a million of them on their property
00:21 <+saltmiser> and you can even buy large amounts of wood easily and cheaply from people who sell firewood for a living
00:21 <+saltmiser> but I think coal is more efficient then wood
00:21 <+saltmiser> we only have to shovel coal into our stove once, sometimes twice, a day
00:21 <+saltmiser> at the same time every day
00:21 <+saltmiser> as opposed to wood it's like; you have to tend to it every hour sometimes even more often
00:22 <+saltmiser> but wood stoves make your house smell so fresh
00:22 <+saltmiser> and sick
00:22 <+saltmiser> and just nice
00:22 <+saltmiser> overall
00:22 <+saltmiser> coal stoves don't
00:22 <+saltmiser> they just make heat
00:22 <+saltmiser> I hope somebody is reading and enjoying this lecture..
00:22 <+saltmiser> :P
00:22 <> yeah
00:22 <+saltmiser> word
00:22 <+saltmiser> well that's how it is in walnutport pennsylvania
00:23 <> so why do you have internet then
00:23 <+saltmiser> well, more so danielsville pennsylvania
00:23 <+saltmiser> uh
00:23 <+saltmiser> because everybody ahs the internet now
00:23 <+saltmiser> I've had internet forever we still just use coal because it's better then electricity
00:23 <+saltmiser> like using electricity to heat your house is so stupid
00:23 <+saltmiser> and inefficient
00:23 <> so you have coal powered internet
00:23 <+saltmiser> no no
00:23 <+saltmiser> well
00:24 <+saltmiser> technically yes actually
00:24 <+saltmiser> we got a coal power plant around here somewhere
00:24 <+saltmiser> and that powers all the phone offices and cable offices and stuff
00:24 <+saltmiser> ..which in turn power the internet..
00:24 <+saltmiser> so by the transistional property, yes, I have coal powered internet
00:24 <> oh
00:24 <+saltmiser> bitch :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ice and snow

So, we had a bunch of ice on Wednesday which caused us to first have a two hour delay and then no school. Thursday was our band concert, after having Wendell over my house for a little bit. I probably should have let Frank and Cory figure everything out, but I couldn't help myself and every moment that I wasn't playing my instrument I was up in the light booth, uh, helping. We recorded the concert to partial tape and partial cd. I forgot to tell frank to finalize the disc before he took it out of the recorder..ugh..I mean it was my mistake, and I guess I can't just assume that he knows things like that. Finalizing the disc means actually writing what they call a "table of contents" to the very beginning of the disc, so that when you put it into your convential cd player it's able to be like "oh well track one is at this spot and track two is way out here", etc. I'll have plenty of fun making that cd work later, I'll let frylock take a look at it later...

After the concert, Beth, Matt Farley, David James, Alyssa, Allison (not breiner, the other one), the last person who's name I can't recall at the moment, and myself went to Friendlys. Then Matt and I built a tower of cellphones, salt, pepper, and spoons while we were waiting for our food. It was a good time. I remember they shut down part of 248 so I couldn't just come home conventionally.

Then on Friday during school I started cleaning up the auditorium from the month of concerts. After school, Cory and myself went to go fix the lights computer. Yes it crashed again, for the second time. We loose all of the software settings when it crashes. Right now the only software settings we use is the submasters. A submaster is a collection of specific lights (since all ~90 of the lights on the stage each have their own number) that we can assign to a certain slider on the light board. Like, all the red lights have their own slider thanks to submasters. When we loose the submasters, we have to go down and figure out all the numbers to all the different lights that we want and reprogram them into the submasters. It took us about an hour and a half to do.

We assigned different submasters this time though. Now, we have submasters that allow us to have the left side of the stage red and the right side of the stage blue, and vice versa. We can also make one side of the stage white. The flood light things that we use for lightning effects we wired in stereo also, so it can make lightning or whatever nicer. For the upcoming musical, we plan to use a lot of different lighting effects. There's a picture on facebook in 20090109 showing an example of the stage coloring ability. Cory is gonna make a great lights guy when I leave..well he does right now but yeah, I'm not worried about him when I leave.

On Saturday, I somehow woke up at like 2 am and talked to Beth on Skype for a minuscule amount of time (34 minutes :P). Then I went back to sleep, woke up 12 hours later, and went to work. Now work today *sucked*, it was so busy and nobody was there. Like, we were understaffed and it was hell. Then driving home was sweet, I finally realized how good the Volvo is in snow.

I found my Java AB book. Mr Silvius told me that the Java AB book is a really hard book. I'm just gonna go through the chapters and do the problems at the end. I was looking at them, and they do look difficult. They have the pascal's triangle problem in the chapter right after they teach you if/else statements, so yeah. I'm listening to the Billy Joel greatest hits, it's on Volume I side one right now. I think it's nearing the end of side one though.

I'm glad I'm doing this blogging stuff, it's gonna help me remember everything at some point later in life..

Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Years, NY, and some thoughts

OK, well, New Years was sweet. I was around Ben's for a little bit. Mike and I talked about fitting a school bus with traction motors and diesel generators from a freight train, and all the nice things you could do with that. Then I went to Beth's house, and we moved to Rachel's house. I broke Rachel's door upon entering (well, the wind did). Then we chilled around her pool room, and I played Bfar. Nobody won, since I hit the 8 ball in early in the game but we decided to just keep going anyway :P After all of this, Jon Glick and Bfar left.

Then we went and raved out in her garage. At midnight we watched the ball drop, and we went outside and made a lot of noise. Everybody used pots and pans, I used the Volvo's horn. :) After that we played spoons, and then we went and watched Momma Mia in her basement. It was the first time me and Beth and I think Kristen saw the movie version. Beth kinda fell asleep :P The next morning (New Years Day), I didn't wake up until 7:30 (when I was supposed to be at work at 7, bwha). Nobody cared I was an hour late though, actually my boss ditched us that day after not coming in until way late anyway. It didn't get busy at Blue Mountain that day until way later. After work, I went skiing with Lerch. Mike and Sean were up at the top of the six pack working the shack. It was this time that I decided to get the longer skis and use Type 3. I'll tell you what, I completely love it.

Then Janurary 2nd, I went to NYC with Beth to see my first Broadway show. So, first I got to her house at 10 in the morning. Then we left and went to Dunkin Doughnuts, I got a ham egg and cheese on an english muffin. Then we picked up one of Kims friends, named Lindsy. Now she's sweet as well. Then we drove 33 over to 78 and drove that all the way up to NY. On the way there we listened to Avenue Q (which is where I discovered then that's where the Internet is for Porn song came from). We talked about all sorts of stuff on the way up.

When we got there, we parked at the port authority. Then we walked to the Drama Book Store, and Beth bought some amount of Books. After that, we went to the giant Toys R Us in Times Square. Let me tell you, that's the biggest toy store I've ever been to. We walked around reminiscing about stuff we used to play with. Then we went to Colony. I went in hoping to buy some Vinyl, and I could only find a small amount of them. I was just looking through them, it was like half of what Palmerton's Vinyl store had, and I was mildly disappointed. Then this guy gets off his cell phone, and goes "hey kid, you lookin for rock music?" and I told him yes, so he takes us to this basement. And wow, it was just the largest mass of vinyl I've ever seen in my life. I'm guessing Beth felt the same way because idk of any one place that had more Vinyl ever. There's the one picture on face book, that was probably about 1/4th of what was all there. It was just shelves upon shelves, it was amazing. And I love how he had it all in the basement, it just made the mood so much nicer.

I found a nice Wish You Were Here album. When I told him I'd buy it, he went and cleaned it for me. Then he told us how to make cleaning fluid, it was 1:5 of alchohol:water. Then he has me pay him right in the basement for it, not upstairs at the cash register. I asked him if he could break a $10 and he whips out this huge wad of cash, and just puts my money into it, and back into his pocket. Then I told him about where we were from, and he told us about how you can't find good Vinyl around here anymore, it's all bought up (while chuckling). I think he bought it all up, douche. :P I wish we could have browsed around longer, but we had to go to our show.

So we went down the street to the theater, and we got in. Beth put us right next to the soundboard. :P I was peering inside of it, and I look up and there's the sound guy, I just smiled and waved and sat back down. I ripped off a peice of my shoe and stuffed it in there. :P So we saw Monty Python's Spamalot, it was funny. I have to say now, I think I'm also in love with Broadway.

After the show, we met up with Kim and Lindsy, and we went to eat dinner at a place called Juniors. It was amazing, I got this huge 10oz cheeseburger. Our waiter was able to just memorize all of our orders, it was intense. After dinner we went to go see the old New Years Ball, there's a picture of it on facebook. Then we went to ESPN zone, and Lindsy bought some stuff. Then we went back to the Port Authority thing to leave. Beth slept the entire way back, I listened to Kim and Lindsy's conversations, and contributed every now and then. When we got back, I came home and cleaned most of my vinyls. It worked very well, they all sound so clear now.

I had a nightmare though, that cleaning my vinyls using this method would cause them all to warp. The guy told me this because he told everybody this; and then by destroying vinyls it would cause the demand for the rest of the vinyls to go up, thus increasing the value of his mass of vinyls. But alas, it's Janurary 3rd and I'm listening to the very end of the Wish You Were Here album again. I hope my vinyls never warp...

Something else, too. I wish I didn't work all of break. Like, my mom kinda signed me up for it, but I wish I could have enjoyed break the way I know everybody else did. Sleeping in ridiculously late, hanging out with all the kids everyday I know as my friends, etc.. I've had to wake up everyday at 6 to go to Blue Mountain and do mostly nothing, because the hoods aren't installed yet. Of course though every now and then Chris would move me to the other kitchen where I would be put to MUCH work, but yeah. I have to say though, running the tubing kitchen's dish room was really chill all week. Today I go back up to the top lodge, and it's gonna be busy. I like the top lodge the best, the bottom is just too disorganized. I mean, I would love to help make it organized but..I just have good times up in the top. I told Beth I'd show her some amazing views that you can see around here, maybe I'll get to do it tomorrow after work, as I work up at the top again from 7-3.

In conclusion, Beth you're becoming a very special person to me. :) Since I know you're the only one who reads this, haha.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas and such

I've been so tired the past few days I only got around to blogging now. The day before Christmas, I want to my mommom and poppop's house. I got some nice new vinyls; Boston - Boston and Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon; they're both 180 gram vinyls and they sound amazing. Mike came over later Christmas Eve, and we gave them a very very close listen. We concluded that it's the nicest we've ever heard Boston.

Then on Christmas morning, I woke up, unwrapped and plugged in my 1.5TB (1536GB, freakin huge...) hard drive. It's external, it's actually made up of two 750GB hard drives. It's connected through usb. Then I went to my Grandmom and Grandpop's house. That was pretty sweet. We talked to my aunt and cousins in Germany using skype. And my uncle Matt was there and such, I got a whole bunch of pictures that need to go up on Facebook.

Then I came back here, I actually got to drive the acura from philly to our house on the blue route. Then I hung out with Beth for a bit. I went skiing the day after Christmas, they pretty much got all the trails open now. I was bombing challenge, and I fell the one time and now my neck and leg hurt really bad. Oh well. Then I hung out with ben and dan sylvester for a little while and came home.

Now I have to go to work after waking up. I'm sitting in my work outfit ready to go and everything. My mom is coming up the stairs right now to nag me I think. So, I hope you enjoyed all of that!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last day of school

We had this nuts two hour delay today, so I drove to school. It was really really cold, we had like negative wind chills. I did pretty much nothing in school today, we had some work in econ but I slept. Then 9th period we moved Joe Corbis stuff.

Robot Club was nice, we finally can build Java programs on the NXT and stuff. The API is really useful, we're going to make a lot of progress.

Then I drove to get gas, and to get Beth's christmas present. Then I hung out with Mike and Pete for a bit, and we went to Kyle Calzola's house, he's back from college. Then I came home and chilled around the internet. It was sweet. Tomorrow is going to be sweet we have that band thing, but we just can't have a two hour delay.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I worked at kmart all day, I think it was busier then black friday today. Some lady told me that "233000 miles is only broken in, your car will last forever if you take care of it." That was the best thing I heard all day.

Then I went to the mall for chickfila forgetting what day it was, it took me 45 minutes to get in and 45 minutes for me and beth to get out. It was ridiculous.

Then I went and worked for Barry, for this show that's like "funny" but it's just SO long. It's godawfully long. I'll type mor about it tomorrow because I have to see it again tomorrow. That's why this post is so shrot, because that was so long. Goodnight :)